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Working on a new puzzle exploration game

After weeks of improving my game engine and its map editing tools, I've finally settled on a game idea that I like, and began designing an environment for it.

The gameplay is a mix of exploration, puzzle solving and platforming. I'm using a similar control scheme for the player character as in Speebot, except this time the player can rotate the camera at will. The camera will also automatically rotate and zoom according to the player's movement direction, delivering a familiar third-person view experience.

I'm putting more effort into the visual style of the game this time, which I've been experimenting with for a while now. I'm liking the look I've achieved so far, and I will keep developing this art style further.

I've also created some music tracks for the game. The game is set in ancient magical ruins, so the soundtrack has to be appropriate - ambient, relaxing fantasy music that uses instruments like harps, flutes and pianos.

Since I'm working on the actual game now, I will be posting progress more often.

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