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Speebot: sounds, first levels, menu and transitions

This week I've been improving the new sound engine in Speebot, as well as synthesizing some sounds for the game. All the sounds are created using SunVox, which is also the tool that I used for composing music for Hypnorain.

I've also made a level progression system, which lets me define a sequence of levels to play. From now on when the player completes a stage, he is taken to the next one in the sequence.

Also got around to creating a main menu (right now the background of it is just water, but that's temporary) and a transition system that handles all transitioning animations when the player moves from state to state (such as from main menu to the game screen).

I've also worked on some actual levels this week. Check it all out in this video:

If you'd like to see more, you can check out all the development videos of Speebot by viewing the full playlist on YouTube.

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