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Optimizing my 3D game engine, 10k particles at 200 FPS

During my spare time this week I've been mostly occupied with adding "juice" to my game Speebot. There are now things like camera shaking, improved sound, more particles, and more effects. I've also done some level design!

But the biggest gamedev related thing I've done this week was fix some long standing problems in my game engine YUME. After some code optimization I could throw 10,000 moving particles, and the game would not drop below 200 FPS. This is way more particles than my game would normally need, but it's good to know that YUME can now handle such a ridiculous amount of particles.

Caught on video:

The screen recorder crippled the FPS a bit, but oh well! It's not like YouTube (or my monitor, for that matter) can display 250 FPS videos anyway.

Going to spend the rest of the weekend making some technical tweaks that piled up in my to-do list. This may also include some minor changes to the website. Stay tuned!

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