game design, code, writing, art and music

Phantom Path

video game, 2020

Explore the ruins of a lost ancient city, uncover the mystery of its esoteric technology, and claim its incredible treasure as your own.


video game, 2017

It's the rolling and hopping robot adventure! Speebot is a 3D platformer game featuring 200 levels, 4 worlds, a custom level editor, and plenty of side content. This is the first game that's powered by my engine YUME.


game engine, 2016 - current

YUME (夢, meaning "dream" in Japanese) - a 3D game engine that I created from scratch using Haxe, C++ and OpenGL for personal use in my future games, starting with Speebot. The engine is constantly growing and improving.


video game, 2016

Hypnorain is a vertical bullet hell shooter. The player guides a character through handcrafted levels, shooting and dodging their way through an army of enemies and their mesmerizing bullet patterns. This is my first full commercial game.


website and tutorials, 2014 - 2018

Haxecoder was a website I created to publish my programming tutorials. There you could learn to create cross-platform apps and games using the Haxe programming language and its frameworks. I stopped actively publishing new tutorials in 2016, and retired the site in 2018. I have moved all 73 tutorials to GitHub, where you can find them today.

Old Flash creations

free games and toons, 2007 - 2013

As a kid I would create free browser games and cartoons and submit them to the user-driven portal Newgrounds.