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This is the second public demo of Speebot, full of improvements and fixes based on the feedback from the first demo. Below is the complete changelog.

New features:
- A "Jump Hint" setting, which replaces top-down shadows
- Angular deadzones, which make the analog stick way friendlier to use
- V-Sync setting, on by default and configurable in the menu
- Timer Mode (not available in the Demo)
- Death counting, best times are recorded locally (for any% and 100% runs)
- Statistics screen
- Ability to restart previous level from the pause menu

- Fixed crate collision bug (the "1-8 bug")
- Fixed a collision issue with some rotated props
- Most likely fixed a bug that would show shadow artifacts on some hardware when the shadows are off
- Most likely fixed a bug with borderless windows having seams on some hardware

- Added a default value for the controller deadzone
- Rendering optimization of particles, text fields and UI elements
- Way better analog stick handling
- Analog stick is the default control mode for gamepad users
- Game now asks you whether you want to use a keyboard or a gamepad before you start the first level
- Automatic Borderless mode now fills the entire screen, and is now the default window mode
- New bitmap font for black text on white background
- Level 1-14 is a bit easier now

Jump Hint - new feature in Speebot
Jump Hint - new feature in Speebot

Update: the demo is now out of date! The new demo will be available on Steam.

In related news: all the major features for Speebot are complete, and I'm now in the final testing phase.

Thanks for the support!
// keyreal
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