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Second Speebot Demo

This is the second public demo of Speebot, full of improvements and fixes based on the feedback from the first demo. Below is the complete changelog.

New features:

  • A "Jump Hint" setting, which replaces top-down shadows
  • Angular deadzones, which make the analog stick way friendlier to use
  • V-Sync setting, on by default and configurable in the menu
  • Timer Mode (not available in the Demo)
  • Death counting, best times are recorded locally (for any% and 100% runs)
  • Statistics screen
  • Ability to restart previous level from the pause menu


  • Fixed crate collision bug (the "1-8 bug")
  • Fixed a collision issue with some rotated props
  • Most likely fixed a bug that would show shadow artifacts on some hardware when the shadows are off
  • Most likely fixed a bug with borderless windows having seams on some hardware


  • Added a default value for the controller deadzone
  • Rendering optimization of particles, text fields and UI elements
  • Way better analog stick handling
  • Analog stick is the default control mode for gamepad users
  • Game now asks you whether you want to use a keyboard or a gamepad before you start the first level
  • Automatic Borderless mode now fills the entire screen, and is now the default window mode
  • New bitmap font for black text on white background
  • Level 1-14 is a bit easier now
Jump Hint - new feature in Speebot
Jump Hint - new feature in Speebot

Update: the demo is now out of date! The new demo will be available on Steam.

In related news: all the major features for Speebot are complete, and I'm now in the final testing phase.

Thanks for the support!

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Speebot is on Steam!


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