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New Haxe tutorial, Speebot progress

To start off, I wrote and published a new Haxe tutorial this week on Haxecoder - Fast 2D rendering using Tilemap in OpenFL 4. Haxecoder is my website where I author Haxe tutorials, specifically related to game development.

The updates in Speebot this week include new menu sounds and special UI effects. The buttons now gloss and fade and generally have a more polished feel. The logo in the main menu is animated as well.

Another important addition is the key remapping feature. Players can now bind different keys to actions in case they don't feel comfortable with the default settings.

All of this can be seen in this week's development video:

You can check out all the development videos of Speebot by viewing the full playlist on YouTube.

My Yume engine uses a custom model and animation file format, which I also improved this week. The details are too technical to be interesting, but Speebot now dances when he reaches the end of the level.