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Composing music. Practice makes perfect (hopefully)

World 1 of Speebot is done - complete with all 50 levels and an ending cinematic. Three more to go!

I'm taking a break from level design to focus on music for a while. Just like with Hypnorain, I'm doing all the soundtrack for Speebot myself and using SunVox to accomplish that.

Playing a track in SunVox.
Playing a track in SunVox.

Back when I had to compose for Hypnorain I had to learn basic music theory, sound design and composing principles from scratch. It was the first time I ever tackled this kind of thing, and it took a lot of effort to produce the tracks for Hypnorain. I was happy with the quality at the time, but this time I want more!

I'd like to take a few weeks off my normal gamedev schedule to simply practice making music as much as possible. I want to produce much higher quality soundtrack this time around.

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