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Privacy Policy

By using this website, your browser will send some identifying information to the server (including IP address and user agent), which is temporarily stored in server's logs for security, maintenance and basic statistics purposes.

Some statistics, such as post views, are stored in an anonymous way and may be publicly displayed.

Users may voluntarily publish comments on the site. Logged in users can manually delete their own comments at any time. Comments can also be published anonymously.

Users can create accounts on the site by providing a username and a password. An e-mail address is not required, but may be entered to provide additional convenience services, such as the ability to recover an account in case the user forgets their password. Users can also manually remove their associated e-mail address at any time.

When logging into the website, your browser will store a session cookie. This cookie is cleared once you log out.

The site includes a contact form, which is a way to send an e-mail to me directly from this website.

This site may include embedded content from other sources, such as YouTube videos. When your browser loads data from those sources, the remote server (e.g. YouTube) may create their own cookies or employ other methods of tracking. If this is a problem for you, please configure your browser to block third party cookies/content.