My name is Kirill Poletaev and here are some things I made:

Hypnorain - a bullet hell vertical shooter game, available on Steam.
Haxecoder - Haxe programming tutorials. Learn to create cross-platform games and apps.


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In celebration of the holiday season, my game Hypnorain is 75% off on Steam.

Get Hypnorain now on Steam
Get Hypnorain now on Steam

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!
// keyreal
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World 1 of Speebot is done - complete with all 50 levels and an ending cinematic. Three more to go!

I'm taking a break from level design to focus on music for a while. Just like with Hypnorain, I'm doing all the soundtrack for Speebot myself and using SunVox to accomplish that.

Playing a track in SunVox.
Playing a track in SunVox.

Back when I had to compose for Hypnorain I had to learn basic music theory, sound design and composing principles from scratch. It was the first time I ever tackled this kind of thing, and it took a lot of effort to produce the tracks for Hypnorain. I was happy with the quality at the time, but this time I want more!

I'd like to take a few weeks off my normal gamedev schedule to simply practice making music as much as possible. I want to produce much higher quality soundtrack this time around.
// keyreal
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Squeezing out more performance out of my game Speebot by optimizing my game engine YUME.

After some testing, I can finally conclude that my game can be run on an average gaming PC in at least 5 separate windows at more than an acceptable framerate. The scene is a flythrough of a game level, and it utilizes most of the engine's capabilities, such as dynamic shadows, lighting, water reflections, particles and skeletal animation.

Running my game in 5 windows at 150+ FPS
Running my game in 5 windows at 150+ FPS

Perhaps a bit of an overkill, but it sure feels good.

World 1 of Speebot is nearing completion! As I've mentioned earlier, there will be 4 worlds altogether, totaling in 200 levels (and perhaps a few secret ones).
// keyreal
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During my spare time this week I've been mostly occupied with adding "juice" to my game Speebot. There are now things like camera shaking, improved sound, more particles, and more effects. I've also done some level design!

But the biggest gamedev related thing I've done this week was fix some long standing problems in my game engine YUME. After some code optimization I could throw 10,000 moving particles, and the game would not drop below 200 FPS. This is way more particles than my game would normally need, but it's good to know that YUME can now handle such a ridiculous amount of particles.

Caught on video:

The screen recorder crippled the FPS a bit, but oh well! It's not like YouTube (or my monitor, for that matter) can display 250 FPS videos anyway.

Going to spend the rest of the weekend making some technical tweaks that piled up in my to-do list. This may also include some minor changes to the website. Stay tuned!
// keyreal
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Just dropping a quick update here - the development of Speebot is going better than ever! Now that most of the engine work is done, I am focusing mainly on level design and gameplay.

The game now is nearing 50 levels, which will mark the end of World 1. Speebot will feature 4 differently themed worlds, totaling in 200 levels together! That's the plan, anyway.

As I've mentioned before, a new mechanic or item is introduced every few levels, and the levels themselves grow in complexity and difficulty. I'm trying to make the levels varied - some more puzzle oriented than others, some have multiple exits and different ways to beat the level, and so on.

Speebot chatting to another robot.
Speebot chatting to another robot.

I plan on releasing a playable demo at some point in the future, but there is a number of things on my to-do list that needs to be done first. This includes improving current sounds and composing the soundtrack for the first few levels.

That's all for now!
// keyreal
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